Your first step towards the world of entrepreneurship : Start with Google

Your first step towards the world of entrepreneurship : Start with Google

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 We all know that many new projects fail in their early years. Starting a new start-up company is not easy. Entrepreneurs have to struggle with the myriad of success factors needed to get a place in the entrepreneurial world.
With the push of a button Google offers you proven tools for its efficiency, with best practices, with access to a community of guidance and support for anyone who wants it in the emerging world.

All of Google's Google tools, best practices and forums for entrepreneurs and startups are now in one place, providing a new source of help for young startups to keep their big ideas real and tangible.

Recently, Google has launched a new world-class startup support site called Startup with Google, which aims to provide information and resources to those who are about to start a business by providing information and tools in one common place; Those who want to enter the business find those tools.

Bringing together resources to help companies acquire tools and strategies, and provide information about Google's programs and partnerships for startups and entrepreneurs, as well as communities designed specifically for startups. In other words, the site itself is new, not actually tools and educational material.
Startup with Google has 39 practical tools grouped and categorized into categories such as product creation, productivity increase, statistics and analytics, monetization of products, and more.
As the name of the new site (Startup with Google) suggests, the focus here is on Google's tools, services and initiatives, but the site is completely free and also highlights Google-sponsored accelerators and events. In addition, the new site also features Google's Shared Places co-working spaces and accelerators Launchpad.

The site primarily serves as a gateway for users to identify or start using a number of Google services, features that are targeted directly to companies, or those that companies can take advantage of if they are used more, such as Google Hire, Android Studio, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Webmaster Guide, Google Trends, G Suite, Firebase, Data Studio, AdMob, and, of course, a wide range of tools from Google in general.

But perhaps more interesting about this new site is that it also contains a special section on best management practices, including recruitment policies, best practices for team leadership, hiring the right people, setting and tracking goals, collecting funding, designing new products and other topics Related to the founders of emerging companies.

However, this site highlights Google's own resources and sources, often sourced from the re: Work project, and there is a lot of useful information coming from a number of Google-related startup leaders as well as members of the various Google teams. This will also provide users with the opportunity to join different groups and communities managed by Google.

Regardless of how Google can benefit from Google's business-centric public services, the site appears to be substantial advice and advice to new and existing business owners. Making it a good location for people looking for details about aspects they might be less familiar with or needing further clarification and advice.

Google says that startups under Ecosystem have raised more than $ 3.9 billion in funding and have created more than 40,000 jobs since 2011 and have partnered with more than 50 community organizations to help emerging communities around the world thrive throughout the world. That period.

Google did not mention how many of them still exist and how much money they returned to investors, but this ecosystem is very large, even if it does not quite compare with the number of startup networks and systems for the most cohesive startups, such as: Y Combinator.

Google's entrepreneurial activities are focused on three pillars: partnering with organizations that serve community entrepreneurs, Google's own programs that give entrepreneurs access to talent and tools, and finally putting Google's right tools in the hands of startups to help them kick-start, The site provides a comprehensive guide to these resources.

For its part, Google benefits from supporting entrepreneurs in promoting their products, which will become the cornerstone for startups to build their businesses. This will help Google keep its eyes open to start-ups with a promising future that Google can someday acquire.

So Google has just given a huge free way for novice entrepreneurs, and the community works towards greater predictability, with a desire for innovation that inherently requires living with uncertainty, at least when it comes to knowing some steps to apply during the process of changing the world by entrepreneurship

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