University of the Western Cape

University of the Western Cape

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The University of the Western Cape (UWC) is a state funded college found simply outside Cape Town, South Africa.

UWC has a striking history. Amid the politically-sanctioned racial segregation time of South Africa its staff and understudies took an overcome stand, picking up autonomy and toppling isolation.

The college was established in 1959 as a school for dark understudies, with the point of preparing instructors and government workers for authority of a different dark group. Be that as it may, the college was principally driven by white staff and had a white minister.

Through years of dissent the college changed itself, picking up a dark minister in 1975. He permitted more liberated considering and dialog. In 1982 the college authoritatively dismissed politically-sanctioned racial segregation, 12 years before the administration would at long last convey the administration to an end. UWC was applauded by Nelson Mandela for its autonomous remain against prejudice.

The college draws on its history for motivation. It plans to motivate a more equivalent society through its educating and research.

There are seven resources at UWC: expressions, group and wellbeing sciences, dentistry, financial and administration sciences, training, law and normal science. The Faculty of Dentistry is South Africa's driving dental school.

Bellville, the city where UWC is found, is something beyond a suburb of Cape Town. It is known as the "Stone City" for its thriving music scene. Various groups started from Bellville and live bars can be found all through the range.

    Robert Sobukwe Road, Bellville,
    Cape Town 7535, South Africa
    +27 21 959 2911

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