Université de Liège

University of Liège

The University of Liège (ULg) was established in 1817 by King Wilhelm the First after Napoleon requested a college for Belgium – a region that was then piece of the Napoleonic Empire. It was given its present name in 1989 and is the main state funded college for the French-talking group of Brussels.

ULg has more than 20,000 understudies, right around a fourth of whom are universal. It offers 33 college degree programs and 193 ace's courses sorted out crosswise over ten resources inside five destinations (four in Belgium and one in Corsica).

The college practices especially in remote dialects and stresses discovering that plans understudies for work anyplace in Europe. It keeps up solid ties with previous understudies and claims to be remarkable in the help it offers graduates.

With connections to more than 600 Belgian and global firms, ULg works with organizations to instruct courses that address the issues of industry and which prepare understudies for business. The college's connected research exercises have created an aggregate of 80 cutting edge turn off firms and an arrangement of licensable advancements.

It additionally offers a program of proceeding with instruction comprising essentially of innovative or administration courses for graduates and organizations.

The greater part of ULg's financial plan is put resources into inquire about and the college prides itself on being a standout amongst the most dynamic as far as research programs, both locally and universally, promising between disciplinary research among its staff.

Liège is Belgium's third biggest city, which sits in the Meuse River valley, near the German and Dutch fringes. It is one of the nation's major instructive center points and gloats an expansive populace of understudies and in addition a dynamic multicultural group. Its week by week Sunday showcase, La Batte, is well known with the two sightseers and local people alike. There is likewise countless and relaxation clubs accessible to understudies through the college.

   Place du 20-Août 7,
   Liege, 4000, Belgium
   +32 4 366 97 01

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