Universidad de Granada

Universidad de Granada

Established in 1531 by Emperor Charles V - and with roots that can be followed back further to the madrasahs of the Nasrid Kingdom - the University of Granada (UGR) is the fourth biggest college in Spain, providing food for around 80,000 understudies.

The college is comprised of five schools – Building Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Information, and Telecommunications – inside which educating and learning is isolated crosswise over 22 resources and 116 offices.

Around 75 unique capabilities are instructed at UGR, including 68 ace's courses and 116 doctorate programs.

Situated crosswise over five grounds in Granada, all inside the old piece of the city, understudies are instructed in a portion of the city's most noteworthy structures, permeating their investigations with a rich feeling of legacy and convention.

UGR additionally has an abroad nearness in the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa. Ceuta is home to its resources of Health Sciences, Education and Humanities, while the resources of Social Sciences, Nursing, Education, Economy and Technology are situated in Melilla.

With its 12 isolate explore organizations, the college prides itself on having a solid research center. As a dynamic member in the Spanish Research Program, UGR bolsters more than 150 research ventures and the nation's Ministry of Innovation, Science and Business has granted monetary help to 78 of its Projects of Excellence.

Through the Erasmus program, around 2,000 worldwide understudies go to UGR consistently (the greater part of any European college) while its Center for Modern Languages invites more than 10,000 abroad understudies yearly. The Center, which was built up in 1992, keeps up associations with more than 20 colleges and concentrate abroad associations in the US and Canada, and in addition various European foundations.

Among different lofty college systems, UGR is an individual from the Coimbra Group, a relationship of since a long time ago settled multidisciplinary European colleges of high worldwide standing.

   Calle Real de Cartuja,
   36-38, Granada, 18071, Spain
   +34 958243000

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