Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/E) is an examination driven college of worldwide standing, where incredible research and brilliant instruction go as one. In the ranges of designing science and innovation, we concentrate on an adjusted approach of instruction, research and valorization of learning.

From our enthusiastic college grounds, arranged in the core of the Netherlands' innovative Brainport area and outfitted with great lab offices, we have an effect on logical and societal issues. We do this by conveying amazing, weighty research, regularly in close joint effort with industry, and by giving the training that transforms our understudies into engineers for what's to come. Our specialists look past just innovation. They comprehend what the world needs and can make an interpretation of logical learning into societal esteem. Our instructive system enables understudies to partake completely in explore and the innovative business, or to begin their own organizations.

The principal sun powered controlled family auto, a heart valve that develops with you, the care robot, the vitality creating building: every earth shattering advancement from TU/E researchers and from TU/E understudies, the specialists for what's to come. At TUE, understudies build up a logical learning base and a comprehension of the more extensive setting of innovation. Understudies additionally partake in look into.

The extraordinary idea of our Bachelor College gives understudies the flexibility to create an individual instruction program that is as expansive or as profound as they need. Our coaches manage understudies in deciding, and the Bachelor College's essential courses and multidisciplinary group ventures make engineers who can look past their own particular fields and connect with society.

Post-Bachelor instruction at TU/E is given by the TU/E Graduate School: 15 graduate projects each centered around a particular field of research. A graduate program comprises of at least one Master programs with the likelihood to proceed with a PDEng (Technological Designer) or PhD program in a similar field.

Set up in the 1950s, TU/E has dependably had solid esteems: good faith, coordinated effort and a commitment to society. These qualities helped Brainport Eindhoven prosper, and brought about TU/E having the most noteworthy number of industry coordinated efforts around the world. 15% of our logical distributions are in a joint effort with industry, and we have the most astounding number of low maintenance educators from industry in the Netherlands.

Society's difficulties are the main impetus for our examination: the vital territories of Health, Energy and Smart Mobility. Our two new research focuses, TU/E High Tech Systems and TU/e Data Science, consolidate the qualities of our college with industry needs and government procedure. We do extraordinary and progressive research in our Institute of Complex Molecular Systems and the Institute for Photonic Integration. TU/E specialists assume an imperative part in new items and organizations in the Brainport range and everywhere throughout the world.

Our offering point is the one of a kind blend of human science and innovation. Our productions have high reference scores, consortia we are a piece of have won renowned gifts, and our specialists get logical honors all the time. This recognizing greatness depends on our three-column technique: drawing in ability, utilizing a multidisciplinary approach and giving an invigorating exploration condition.

   Postbus 513, Eindhoven,
   5600, Netherlands
   +31 40 247 9111

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