Suez Canal University

 Suez Canal University

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Set up in 1976, Suez Canal University is an Egyptian advanced education foundation situated close Ismailia on the west bank of the Suez Canal.

At the point when courses initially started in 1977 there were only six resources: the personnel of science, the staff of farming, the workforce of business, the workforce of building, the workforce of innovation and the workforce of instruction. Today there are more than 20 resources, partitioned between various branches of Suez Canal University in Ismailia, Suez, Port Said and El-Arish.

As indicated by the college's exploration design, Suez Canal University are proposing to wind up noticeably a focal point of magnificence in the field of connected logical research and logical advancement, and in addition proceeding to create organizations with colleges over the world and to encourage give pragmatic answers for the issues and needs of the Suez Canal and Sinai districts.

The Medical Education Department at the Suez Canal University (MED-SCU) was set up in 2001 and was the principal such office to be established in Arab locale Egyptian colleges.

Ismailia is referred to in Egypt as the "City of Beauty and Enchantment", and is the capital of the Ismailia Governorate. The city is around 90 minutes from Egypt's caoital, Cairo, via auto, and a four-hour drive to the well known traveler spot Sharm el-Sheik in South Sinai.

Ismailia has two celebrations every year - the International Film Festival for Documentaries, and the Ismailia International Folklore Arts Festival - and the city's historical center, worked in 1932, highlights a scope of archeological finds, especially from locales in the Ismailia governorate.

Suez Canal University is a substantial foundation - one of the biggest in the district, with a huge number of understudies selected learning at bachelor's, ace's and doctoral degree level

  4.5 Km the Ring Road,
  Ismailia, 41522, Egypt
  +20 64 3200395

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