Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile 

The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is viewed as extraordinary compared to other colleges in South America.

Set up in 1888 by the then ecclesiastical overseer of Santiago and getting the gift of Pope Leo XIII a year later, UC is one of six private Catholic organizations in the nation.

Initially showing law, arithmetic, legitimate sciences and physical sciences, its Faculty of Theology was made in 1935, and it later made courses in accessible in subjects like rationality, trade, training sciences and innovation.

With four of its grounds situated in Santiago, Chile's capital and most crowded city, and the fifth is situated in Villarrica by the city's eponymous lake, UC has an expanding number of worldwide understudies and builds up a noteworthy extent of the country's exploration.

UC's development and accomplishment in some ways embodies Chile's ascent since its 18 years of military tyranny arrived at an end in 1990. Presently drawing in a larger number of candidates than any of the nation's different colleges, UC has even bested South American group tables and also performing exceptionally in subject rankings for science, material science and financial matters and administration.

Santiago is moderately protected, has the second greatest metro framework in Latin America - with more than 100 stations - and is a generally reasonable place contrasted with most capital urban areas in Europe and North America. Its features incorporate perspectives of the Andes, a few beautiful parks, a humming nightlife and a blasting expressions scene.

Its graduated class incorporate previous leaders of Chile Sebastian PiƱera and Eduardo Frei Montalva

   Avda. Libertador Bernardo,
   O'Higgins 340, Santiago, , Chile
   +56 2 354 2000

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