Iran University of Science and Technology

Iran University of Science and Technology

The Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) was established in 1929 in the Iranian capital Tehran so as to prepare the nation's specialists and today is viewed as one of the first specialized schools in the nation.

Initially named the Governmental Technical Institute, it was later called the Advanced Art College before being moved up to the Iran Faculty of Science and Technology in 1972. In 1978 the Ministry of Sciences allowed the staff full college status and IUST was conceived.

The college is home to 13 resources offering undergrad and postgraduate degrees in a scope of designing based subjects and maths and material science. In 1995 IUST granted Iran's first PhDs in Materials, Metallurgical and Traffic Engineering.

There are additionally 12 explore focuses, nine focuses of perfection and 19 specific libraries and additionally four satellite grounds in different parts of the nation.

The grounds is arranged in the Narmark territory in the upper east of Tehran on 42 sections of land that incorporate scholarly and managerial structures, the primary library, lobbies of habitation, mosque and indoor and open air sports offices. The college additionally brags a 20,000 seater sports stadium.

Graduated class incorporate numerous present and previous government serves however most remarkably Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's 6th president both contemplated and educated at the college. Ahmadinejad selected in the college degree in structural designing at IUST in 1976 preceding going ahead to examine a bosses and after that a PhD in movement and transportation building and arranging, joining the workforce as an instructor in 1989

   Tehran 1684613114, Iran
   +98 21 7724 0540

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