Alexandria University

Alexandria University

Set up in 1938, Alexandria University in Egypt was initially referred to as Farouk University and worked as a satellite collection of Fuad University (which would later progress toward becoming Cairo University).

Alexandria University turned into a free foundation in 1942 and renamed following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.

Presently a state funded college, Alexandria is home to 150,000 full-time understudies, making it the second biggest college in the nation. It additionally caters for more than 16,000 low maintenance students and near 5,000 worldwide understudies, with more than 8,000 scholastic staff, over portion of whom hold a PhD.

The seven unique college resources involved Agriculture, Medicine, Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Law and Science, which have become throughout the years to its present aggregate of 23. Fresher specialisms, for example, Tourism and Sports Education are incorporated into its structure.

Graduated class of Alexandria University incorporate researchers, government officials, film chiefs and the main Egyptian Nobel Laureate to be perceived in a logical train.

The college's legitimate hues are white and blue.

Alexandria itself is Egypt's second biggest city, its social capital and a noteworthy financial focus inside the district. Known as the 'pearl of the Mediterranean', its waterfront area additionally makes it a vacationer hotspot

   El-Guish Road, El-Shatby, Alexandria,
   21526, Egypt
   +20 3 5921675

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